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Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation

Construction Site Bystander Injuries

Construction Litigation

Construction sites are full of obvious and hidden hazards, including heavy machinery, power tools, and loose debris. When construction workers and contractors are negligent and fail to properly secure, screen, or supervise construction zones, even bystanders face the threat of serious injury.

Because of the known dangers at construction sites, as well as state, federal, and local regulations, property owners are obligated to make sure that work areas are safe for workers and anyone else nearby. Supervisors must ensure that safety procedures are in place regarding power tools and construction and demolition procedures. Failure to do so can cause serious and often fatal construction site injuries.

The legal team at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has experience representing individuals who have suffered serious worksite injuries. Whether the cause is negligent oversight or reckless procedures, our lawyers have the resources and expertise to aggressively investigate these complicated cases.

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