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Transportation Injuries

Transportation Injuries


Aviation Accidents - Aviation Attorney

Commercial airlines carry more than 800 million passengers each year in the United States, on approximately 9 million flights. In addition, thousands of private planes and helicopters take to the air each day. And even though air travel is safer than ever before, accidents unfortunately do happen.

When they do, the aviation lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson work for their clients so that responsible parties are held accountable. Whether the cause is pilot error, defective design or improper maintenance, our plane crash lawyers will use all the tools at their disposal to obtain justice for their clients.

Frank L. Branson is a recognized leader in the use of cutting-edge video and multimedia technology to build demonstrative evidence that resonates with juries. This expertise allows jurors to see and hear what happened in an aviation accident and to better understand how our clients were injured and/or the nature of their loss. Our attorneys provide expertise in cases involving: