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Utility Accidents

Utility Accidents

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Producing and delivering natural gas and electricity is an inherently dangerous business, for many obvious reasons. The potential for fire, shock, or explosion is always present, which means utility companies must adhere to strict safety standards and regulations to ensure the protection of consumers and employees alike.

But all too often, gas or electrical accidents occur because of negligent or reckless actions by utility companies or their contractors, resulting in serious injury or death. Such injuries can include burns, electrical shock, trauma, muscle or nerve damage, cardiac damage or arrest, and brain damage. Causes may range from negligence to improper maintenance to defective products. The gas company may have punctured its lines or the electric company may have failed to inspect low-hanging power lines. These are catastrophes waiting to happen.

Whatever the injury or the cause, the legal team at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has a broad range of experience in representing people who have suffered electrical or natural gas-related injuries or death. We have the experience and personnel to help determine what caused the accident and use our computer graphics and video department’s capabilities to build a persuasive case to help clients receive the compensation they deserve. We’ve investigated several injuries and deaths caused by leaking gas lines and/or low-hanging power lines and have been able to help several clients recover the fair compensation they deserve. We handle cases involving: