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Professional Liability

Professional liability laws in many states, including Texas, limit the financial compensation that may be recovered based on the personal negligence of a doctor or other medical professional. Even if an error in diagnosis or treatment results in serious injury to a patient, the fact remains that bringing a professional liability claim is likely to be complex, costly, and strongly defended.

Even though the Texas Legislature in 2003 made lawsuits against doctors more difficult to pursue, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson don’t shy away from these challenges. We maintain our commitment to hold doctors and the medical establishment responsible for their actions. Our attorneys have regularly helped clients document the facts to support a professional liability claim against a doctor, and we determine how the state statutes and previous rulings can influence any future claim.

Because we understand the medical profession and the law, and based on our track record in fighting for the rights of victims of physician negligence, we are fully prepared to seek favorable settlements or otherwise try these cases before a judge and jury.

Mr. Branson has been listed among the Best Lawyers in America for Medical Malpractice since 1987.

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