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Hospital Abuse and Neglect

Hospital Abuse and Neglect

Medical and Mental Health Facility Abuse

Professional Liability

Health care companies that operate behavioral health and mental health hospitals and clinics have a duty to provide safe and ethical treatment to the vulnerable patients in their care. Patients being treated for depression, eating disorders and other psychiatric conditions place their trust in these facilities for treatment and services that improve their conditions or, at least, do no harm. Too often, profit-driven institutions skirt regulatory oversight and fail to protect patients from involuntary and illegal detention and abuse by staff or fellow patients.

Laws require a judge’s order for a facility to involuntarily detain patients. Yet, recent investigations have uncovered many examples of patients being drugged and held without this required judicial review. When patients are known to be a threat to themselves or others, it is a facility’s legal responsibility to ensure that they are properly supervised. Behavioral health institutions must take steps to properly staff facilities and guard against abuse.

Unfortunately, state and federal budget cuts have led to reduced regulation and oversight of mental health facilities. When negligence and abuses occur, authorities too often lack the expertise and resources to properly investigate and make the changes necessary to protect patients. When institutions fail to protect patients, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson have the expertise to aggressively investigate and hold the companies and individuals accountable for intentional, reckless or negligent practices.