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Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

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Nearly 3.1 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported among private industry employers in the United States last year, according to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. While that is a slight improvement from previous years, those statistics clearly show that American workplaces can still be dangerous places to spend eight hours every day.

Workplace injuries can range from slip and falls, muscle strains, and repetitive stress injuries to amputations, concussions, and electrocutions. Although the Texas workers’ comp system can help provide for some of the medical and rehabilitation expenses, an experienced lawyer can help recover those expenses, including pain and suffering and lost future income, that may not be adequately provided by workers comp when the injuries are caused by a 3rd party or defective equipment.

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson know the work place and are committed to helping their clients recover – both physically and financially – from their workplace injuries.

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