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The attorneys at the Law Offices of Frank L. Branson are experienced in many areas of law including truck accidents, product liability and many others. Contact us today.
  • Accountants

    Like workers in many other professions, accountants are subject to professional liability claims for negligence, as well as violations of federal and state statutes relating to the sale of securities. However, pursuing professional liability claims against accountants may differ from claims in other areas of employment based on written rules of conduct …Read More

  • Aggressive Driving

    When drivers of 18-wheelers and semi-trucks behave irresponsibly or irrationally behind the wheel, the risk of a truck wreck goes up exponentially. Aggressive driving and road rage can take different forms, including reckless tailgating, rude gestures, excessive speed, frequent lane changes, and deliberate obstruction of traffic.Road rage and aggressive driving accidents are …Read More

  • Amusement Park Accidents

    Amusement park accidents cause hundreds of serious injuries and a number of deaths every year. Whether because of negligence, design defects, or operator error, what should have been a day of family fun can often turn into a day in the emergency room and many months of recovery. Theme park accidents or …Read More

  • Amusement Park Injuries

    Amusement park accidents cause hundreds of serious injuries and a number of deaths every year. Whether because of negligence, design defects, or operator error, what should have been a day of family fun can often turn into a day in the emergency room and many months of recovery. Theme park accidents or …Read More

  • Auto Manufacture & Design

     Car wrecks often are caused by other drivers, but sometimes the car itself may be to blame. One poorly designed switch or other manufacturing flaw can lead to a serious car accident resulting in significant injuries or even death. Auto manufacturers have a responsibility to build and sell only those cars and …Read More

  • Construction Site Bystander Injuries

    Construction sites are full of obvious and hidden hazards, including heavy machinery, power tools, and loose debris. When construction workers and contractors are negligent and fail to properly secure, screen, or supervise construction zones, even bystanders face the threat of serious injury.Because of the known dangers at construction sites, as well as …Read More

  • Construction Sites

    Construction workers frequently suffer serious and life-threatening injuries as a result of unsafe conditions and negligent practices at construction sites. Often, efforts to improve workplace safety have been ignored or needlessly delayed until it is too late. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson are experienced in lawsuits related …Read More

  • Energized Electric Lines

    Electrical utility companies have a responsibility to safely install, maintain, and warn people about the presence of energized electric lines, whether the lines are strung overhead on poles or buried underground. Yet many people are killed or injured each year when they accidentally come into contact with electric lines, either on the …Read More

  • FELA Injuries to Railroad Workers

     Unlike most employees who are covered under workers’ compensation laws, railroad workers must rely on the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) to prove their injury claims. Under FELA, railroad workers must show that their injuries were caused by the negligence of their employer, fellow employees, or licensed contractors.Based on battles against some …Read More

  • High-Pressure Gas Lines

    High-pressure gas lines pose many hidden dangers for home and business owners, as well as workers. If not properly marked, work crews can rupture these lines and cause explosions. Serious injuries can occur when companies disregard warnings, improperly install equipment, fail to maintain machinery, or fail to properly train workers. These industrial …Read More

  • Low-Hanging Wires

    Sagging electrical wires pose an electrocution hazard for construction workers and anyone else who may come in contact with them. Low-hanging wires are a particular problem and are known to cause electrocution injuries and deaths.The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has the specific expertise and extensive resources necessary to properly investigate …Read More

  • Medical and Mental Health Facility Abuse

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.Read More

  • Negligent Bike Maintenance

    Cyclists often take their bikes to professionals for maintenance and repair, trusting that the bike shop and mechanic will do quality work. However, in some cases the attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson discover that serious and fatal bicycle accidents are caused by negligent bike maintenance.Bikes require routine and …Read More

  • Nursing Home Neglect

    The professionals who care for our elderly loved ones have an important task: to ensure the health and safety of some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. All too often, however, those professionals betray that trust through abuse or neglect. The elder abuse attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson …Read More

  • Private Boat Accidents Lawyers

    Each year, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents involving private boats and other personal watercraft. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson represent boat operators, passengers, and others who have been injured on the water.Lawyer Frank L. Branson and his firm represent individuals injured or killed …Read More

  • Transportation Injuries

    With more than 15 million commercial trucks on our roads and highways, transportation accidents pose a serious threat to motorists. Every year, more than 100,000 people are injured in transportation accidents involving trucks, 18-wheelers, buses, semis, and tractor-trailers.Because of their immense size and weight compared to cars and other vehicles, truck wrecks …Read More

  • ATV Accidents

    All-terrain vehicles continue to soar in popularity as people use them around the neighborhood, on the farm, or at the deer lease. Unfortunately, they offer little protection for the driver or passengers. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson represent individuals injured on ATVs such as four-wheelers, three-wheelers, Gators, …Read More

  • Auto Manufacture and Design

    The companies that make billions in the manufacture and sale of automobiles and auto parts have a responsibility to put only safe and rigorously tested products on the market. Unfortunately, whether because of negligence or greed, poorly made products frequently make it onto our nation’s roadways – often with tragic consequences.Faulty brakes …Read More

  • Commercial Jet Crashes

     When an airliner crashes, the first question is always the same: Why? Was it caused by pilot error, by design defect, or by improper maintenance? Was the weather a factor, or did some other element come into play? The answers to these questions not only prevent future tragedies, they also help determine …Read More

  • Defective Design & Manufacture of Bicycles

    The risks to bicyclists go beyond cars and trucks on the road. Too often, serious and fatal bicycle accidents are caused by a defect in the way a bike is designed or built.The lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson work to hold bicycle retailers and manufacturers liable when defective …Read More

  • Defective Gas Lines

    Defective gas lines pose hidden dangers that are capable of causing serious injuries, deaths, and major property damage. The unseen risks often are caused by defective products or materials, improper installation, insufficient safety procedures, poor maintenance, or human error.Natural gas and other petroleum products that are transported by pipeline are highly flammable. …Read More

  • Electrocution

    Exposure to high-voltage electricity is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury and death. Electrocution injuries often include severe burns as well as potential brain damage and heart damage. People who come in contact with high-voltage electricity are also at risk of electrocution death.The legal team at The Law Offices of …Read More

  • Gas Lines

    With the growing production of natural gas in Texas and other states, gas pipelines are becoming much more common. Unfortunately, that means the risk of gas pipeline explosions and fires also has significantly increased. And, typically, such accidents are not minor events.Homes or businesses may be destroyed, roadways damaged, and entire power …Read More

  • Hospital Negligence

    Hospitals can be among the most caring and complex workplaces imaginable. They may also be among the most dangerous. Hospital negligence can occur when an employee – such as a nurse, pharmacist or medical technician – acts incompletely or improperly. The result may be a patient injury, a clinical complication, or even …Read More

  • Aircraft Design Defects

    The pilot may have performed flawlessly. The maintenance crew may have done its job with rigorous attention to detail. The airplane or helicopter may have been constructed to the highest standards of quality. However, if a single critical component of the aircraft has a faulty design, the results can be tragic.Proving that …Read More

  • Aviation

    Commercial airlines carry more than 800 million passengers each year in the United States, on approximately 9 million flights. In addition, thousands of private planes and helicopters take to the air each day. And even though air travel is safer than ever before, accidents unfortunately do happen.When they do, the aviation lawyers …Read More

  • Dangerous Products

    In the tragic event of a consumer being injured, sickened, or killed by a defective product, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson offer sophisticated legal representation to those looking for justice.Defective products attorney Frank L. Branson is a recognized leader in the use of cutting-edge video and multi-media …Read More

  • Defective Building Design

    Because buildings are designed to hold hundreds, even thousands, of people, they must be constructed under rigorous safety standards to ensure the well-being of their many occupants. When that doesn’t happen, the consequences can be catastrophic.In the May 2009 collapse of a Dallas Cowboys training facility, defective building design and faulty construction …Read More

  • Explosions

    More than ever, oil & gas production, underground utilities, and industrial sites are located near populated areas, which increases the risks of property damage, serious injuries, and deaths caused by explosions, fires, and industrial accidents. The legal team at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has the experience to successfully represent …Read More

  • Fatal Bicycle Accidents

    The number of cyclists continues to grow as people use their bikes to commute to work or as a way to get exercise. Unfortunately, cyclists are at a deadly disadvantage on the road with cars and trucks.The lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson understand the rights and responsibilities of …Read More

  • Oil Field Accidents/Pipeline Explosions

    Workers in the oil & gas industry are subjected to extremely dangerous oil field worksite conditions, where cutting corners on safety, oversight, and maintenance can pose real risks of serious injury or death. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson know that oil field accidents can cause devastating and …Read More

  • Physician Negligence

    The millions of surgeries and clinical tests that take place daily can lead to a single, devastating instance of physician negligence. The result may be a severe injury or even a death that was foreseeable and preventable. Unfortunately, many forms of physician negligence happen far more often than most people realize.These cases …Read More

  • Power Plants

    Power plants are potentially volatile places by definition. With highly combustible fuel sources, heavy equipment, high energy output, and hundreds of workers — all concentrated in a relatively small space — the potential for accidents is everywhere. And on rare occasions, a minor accident can become a disaster, affecting anyone in the …Read More

  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

    Bicyclists, joggers, runners, and pedestrians are no match for even the smallest cars and trucks, which can weigh 2,000 pounds or more. While automobiles have numerous safety features for drivers and passengers, the fact is cyclists and pedestrians are completely exposed. And when individuals are seriously injured or killed, lawyers at The …Read More

  • Defective Car Seats and Seat Belts

    The tragedy of defective car seats and defective seat belts is that the users are, by definition, behaving responsibly. That doesn’t make much difference, though, when those safety systems fail and cause serious injuries, many of them to vulnerable infants and children.Defective car seat accidents cause hundreds of injuries each year, many …Read More

  • Faulty Bicycle Equipment

    Cyclists rely on their equipment to protect them, but too often faulty helmets, wheels, brakes, and other equipment lead to serious bike accidents.The attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson represent cyclists injured and killed due to faulty bicycle-related equipment such as defective wheels, spokes, pedals, chains, and other components.Attorney …Read More

  • Maintenance Negligence

     Airplanes and helicopters are very complex machines, requiring regular and meticulous maintenance. Unfortunately, maintenance is an area where some aircraft operators may be tempted to cut corners, and costs, especially during tough economic times.But what happens when that critical bolt is not tightened, that fuel line is not checked, or those wings …Read More

  • Utility Accidents

    Producing and delivering natural gas and electricity is an inherently dangerous business, for many obvious reasons. The potential for fire, shock, or explosion is always present, which means utility companies must adhere to strict safety standards and regulations to ensure the protection of consumers and employees alike.But all too often, gas or …Read More

  • Boating

    With more than 100 lakes and miles of Gulf of Mexico coast, many Texas residents love boating and water sports. Unfortunately, a fun day fishing, skiing, or enjoying the water can quickly turn to disaster. When that happens, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson work to make sure …Read More

  • Defective Drugs

    Every time a patient swallows a pill, they are taking a leap of faith by trusting that drug makers and pharmaceutical companies played by the rules and rigorously tested the drug for safety and efficacy. They trust that government regulators did their job by holding the drug maker to high standards for …Read More

  • General Aviation and Small Aircraft

     Commercial airline crashes always generate big headlines and major coverage in the news media — and rightfully so. But the vast majority of air travel in the United States involves general aviation and small aircraft. General aviation, a term used to describe all flights other than those conducted by the airlines or …Read More

  • Premises Liability

    A customer slips and falls on the wet floor of a retail store. An employee is injured by a piece of heavy machinery while at work. A child tragically drowns at an apartment complex swimming pool. All of these events — and many others — potentially could result in a premises-liability lawsuit.Premises …Read More

  • Bus Accidents

    There are thousands of public, charter, and school bus accidents each year, often with serious or fatal results including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones and fractures. Regardless of whether the victim was on the bus, in another vehicle, or a pedestrian, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank …Read More

  • Construction Litigation

    Any major construction project encompasses many people and components — architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors, workers and tradesmen, building materials, equipment, and the building site itself. All of those elements come together in a highly choreographed process to complete the project safely, to high quality standards, on time, and on budget.When that …Read More

  • Defective Lawnmowers

    Although lawnmower technology has improved dramatically in recent years, those technological advances sometimes have come at the cost of safety. High-end, zero-turn-radius riding lawn mowers can be prone to hazardous rollovers where the rider can be thrown off the vehicle and exposed to the mower blades. Riding lawn mower accidents have caused …Read More

  • Helicopters

     Helicopters are fundamentally different — and much more complicated in both construction and operation — than their fixed-wing counterparts. They have many more moving parts than airplanes, all of which must be designed and built to the highest standards. And all of those components must be rigorously maintained to ensure that the …Read More

  • Car Wrecks

    The United States is home to more than 200 million licensed drivers and 250 million registered passenger vehicles. Those numbers mean the U.S. has more roadway traffic than any other country in the world. Despite strict laws at the state and federal level that are designed to keep our streets and highways …Read More

  • Defective Medical Equipment and Devices

    Millions of Americans undergo medical care every year, trusting that the medical equipment and devices being used are safe and effective. In too many cases, however, medical equipment malfunctions, or devices are proven to be unsafe and even deadly.The attorneys at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson have decades of experience …Read More

  • Industrial Catastrophes

    The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has assembled a team of lawyers with decades of experience successfully representing individuals who have suffered injuries in industrial accidents. The firm excels at these often complex claims, which require an understanding of engineering, mechanics, and construction industry practices, as well as an ability to …Read More

  • Defective Nail Guns

    Nail guns – also known as pneumatic nailers – have become one of the most popular tools for homeowners as well as commercial and residential construction contractors. Nail guns also are among the most deadly tools on the market, with more than 40,000 people – both nail gun users and bystanders – …Read More

  • Department of Transportation Regulation Accidents

    Commercial truck drivers and transportation companies must comply with a wide range of state and federal transportation laws and regulations that are designed to reduce the frequency and severity of trucking accidents.Commercial trucks traveling interstate must abide by specific Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and state Department of Transportation rules and …Read More

  • Workplace Injuries

    Nearly 3.1 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported among private industry employers in the United States last year, according to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. While that is a slight improvement from previous years, those statistics clearly show that American workplaces can …Read More

  • Defective Tires

    Defective tires have caused countless severe injuries and even death on our nation’s roads. Tread separation can cause tire blowouts, loss of control of the vehicle, collision with another vehicle, or rollover – among other disasters. The cause of tread separation can either be traced to a manufacturing defect or poor design.Victims …Read More

  • Motorcycles

    Motorcycle riders face unique dangers that put them at greater risk than others on our roads and highways. Bikers are exposed, with nothing but a helmet and clothing to protect them in even a minor motorcycle accident. The Texas lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson understand the unique challenges …Read More

  • Defective Toys and Baby Products

    Because children are so vulnerable, it is imperative that toys and baby products be designed and manufactured with a strict eye toward ensuring their absolute safety. Unfortunately, in too many cases, unsafe and defective baby products and toys find their way onto store shelves and into our homes. Toys containing toxic substances …Read More

  • Medical Malpractice

    It remains a tragic reality that negligence among physicians, hospitals, and other medical professionals is to blame for thousands of serious injuries and even deaths each year. But proving liability in medical malpractice cases can be difficult and costly. Some states, such as Texas, have passed laws that place strict limits on …Read More

  • Apartment Complexes

    Unsafe stairways. Loose wiring. Mold. Rodent infestations. Poor lighting. Obstructed chimneys. Icy sidewalks. These are just a few of the potential hazards that can cause injury at an apartment complex.Residential property owners and managers have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure that their properties are safe for tenants and …Read More

  • Cell Phone & Texting Accidents

    The widespread use of cell phones is a major reason there are more and more car accidents on our roadways each year. When a driver is talking on a cell phone or texting while driving, they lose focus on the most important task at hand. One second is all it takes for …Read More

  • Cell Phone and Texting

    Truck drivers who talk on cell phones or communicate by texting pose a serious safety risk on our roads and highways. Serious accidents caused by texting have increased drastically with the growing popularity of handheld electronic devices like cell phones and smartphones.The federal Department of Transportation reports that annually more than 5,000 …Read More

  • Cruise Ship Attorneys

    Cruise ship lines are responsible for ensuring safe conditions for passengers and crew, but poor maintenance, lack of security, and improperly trained crew and staff often are the cause of significant dangers on board. Frank L. Branson and his team of experienced lawyers can handle cases involving onboard accidents, including pool and …Read More

  • Doctors

    Professional liability laws in many states, including Texas, limit the financial compensation that may be recovered based on the personal negligence of a doctor or other medical professional. Even if an error in diagnosis or treatment results in serious injury to a patient, the fact remains that bringing a professional liability claim …Read More

  • General Contractors and Subcontractors

    Considering the range of activity that occurs at a typical construction site, it is not surprising that accidents and injuries are a fairly common occurrence. Workers employed by the general contractor and various subcontractors are performing a variety of tasks, from excavation to pouring concrete to plumbing and electrical work. So when …Read More

  • Hospital Abuse and Neglect

    Americans place a special trust in hospitals, psychiatric facilities and nursing homes to care for patients in an honest and ethical way. Increasingly, state and federal regulations and oversight do not adequately protect the public from harm caused by disreputable facilities. When medical facilities abuse this trust by providing substandard care or …Read More

  • Pool Equipment

    Defective equipment can cause many kinds of serious swimming pool injuries, including death by drowning and other causes. Faulty gate latches and defective pool alarms can lead to accidental drownings; exploding pool filters can cause serious injuries; and defective pool drains can create such powerful suction that swimmers of all ages and …Read More

  • Railroad

    Railroads provide an inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation for millions of U.S. residents every year. The sheer size of passenger and freight trains and the incredible momentum that they generate are the main reasons that railroad accidents and train wrecks can be so devastating. The lawyers at The Law Offices of …Read More

  • Railroad Crossing Accidents

    Cars and trucks are at a deadly disadvantage in railroad crossing accidents. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson have experience representing victims and families of those injured and killed in railroad crossing collisions.Every year, hundreds of motorists are involved in serious and fatal railroad crossing accidents. Many victims …Read More

  • Hazing Litigation

    Hazing is often portrayed as “all in good fun” and written off as “boys will be boys.” Sadly, it’s rarely fun for the victims – and it’s not always perpetrated by boys. Many fraternities, sororities, and other organizations have been known to initiate their members by subjecting them to humiliating, dangerous, and …Read More

  • Truck Wrecks

    On rural highways, congested expressways and urban streets, motorists share the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles based on a trust that truck drivers and trucking companies will obey the laws that cover driving regulations, truck maintenance, and employment practices. When people suffer catastrophic injuries and wrongful death in trucking accidents, …Read More

  • Building Fires & Explosions or Flammable Fabrics

    Injuries from building fires, explosions and flammable fabrics can be extremely painful, life-changing, and frequently fatal. Such injuries most often involve burns, but also may include head trauma and broken bones from explosions, cuts and abrasions from flying or falling debris, and inhalation of smoke or toxic fumes. Because cases involving such …Read More

  • Defective Airbags

    Airbags were developed to provide an added measure of safety for vehicle drivers and passengers. The results have been remarkable, with airbags saving thousands of lives since they were first introduced. However, there is another side to the air bag story that surprises many people: defective air bags are responsible for many …Read More

  • Distracted Drivers

    Distracted driving has been a safety problem since commercial transportation’s early days, but new technologies and electronic communications increase the likelihood that tractor-trailer drivers will take their eyes off the road. Studies show that distracted truckers are far more likely to cause serious accidents.For truck drivers, distraction takes many forms: visual (looking …Read More

  • Engineers

    Errors by engineers can lead to devastating consequences for businesses and individuals alike, resulting in significant delays and financial losses. Engineering and related professions are subject to high standards of professional conduct, although there may be wide variations among industry rules and ethical guidelines.Our attorneys are capable of handling professional liability claims …Read More

  • Injury to Construction Workers

    Hundreds of construction workers are killed on the job each year, and thousands more are seriously injured. Workplace injury and death can result from unsafe working conditions, from specific incidents such as a fall or fire, or from performing routine tasks such as lifting or moving about a construction site. Injuries may …Read More

  • Personal Watercraft Accident Lawyers

    Jet Skis and personal watercraft are small, fast, and easy to maneuver, providing the same thrill on water as motorcycles and ATVs offer on land. But like their land-based counterparts, these aquatic vehicles offer very little protection and safety. The experienced lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson represent people …Read More

  • Collapsing Building

    The wall of a building under construction topples onto the workers below. The roof of a major store falls through after a heavy rain. A tent-like athletic facility collapses during a wind storm. These are examples of building or structure collapses, and the injuries resulting from them can be catastrophic — or …Read More

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Truck Drivers

    There is a reason why state and federal laws are in place prohibiting alcohol and drug use by commercial truck drivers, whose heavy and powerful trucks present a deadly hazard to motorists in every state of the Union. Often, you find a trucking company that has not properly screened, trained or supervised …Read More

  • Lap Belt Spinal Injury Lawyers

    The seat belts used in cars and trucks are supposed to protect drivers and passengers, but many lap belts, particularly in older cars, can actually cause more injuries than they prevent. Victims of unsafe seat belts have suffered devastating spinal cord injuries, traumatic head injuries, and even death.The attorneys at The Law …Read More

  • Lawyers

    Legal malpractice, like other forms of professional negligence, is more difficult to prove than ordinary negligence. Furthermore, lawyers are in a position of trust and owe their clients a fiduciary duty, which when overlooked, can cause damages to their clients.At the Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, we have the experience to …Read More

  • Negligent Operation or Maintenance of Construction Equipment

    Among the many hazards at a building site is the presence of heavy construction equipment — including backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, and front-end loaders. But other types of equipment also may pose dangers, such as scaffolding, ladders, power tools, and personal safety gear. Regardless of its size or function, construction equipment must be …Read More

  • Criminal Matters

    Hotel guests, shoppers, customers, and visitors of all kinds become victims of horrific crimes every year. Robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders have all occurred on private property where property owners knew or should have known about the presence of criminal activity but failed to take sufficient steps to protect their guests.When business …Read More

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction/Misuse

    Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction represent a widespread problem in the trucking and transportation industry. Drunk truck drivers and drug-impaired truck drivers pose a safety risk on our roads based on their inability to drive properly and the destructive force of their vehicles. Abuse of drugs, including stimulants like speed and …Read More

  • Safety Training

    Construction work is one of the most dangerous – and often deadly – occupations in the world. Every year, thousands of U.S. workers suffer serious and sometimes deadly injuries. The typical construction site is full of known and unknown hazards, including loose debris, toxic chemicals, heavy machinery, and power tools.Because of these …Read More

  • Tire Failure

    A tire failure accident represents one of the most common and most dangerous roadway accidents that a driver can experience. Despite many instances of tire blowout accidents in recent years, there still are thousands of poorly manufactured and defective tires traveling on U.S. highways every day.In addition to dangerous tire blowouts, tire …Read More

  • Elevator Malfunction

    Elevators have become a fixture of modern life, conveying us to and from offices, retail stores or hospital floors. Almost a million elevators are in service throughout the United States, each carrying an average of 20,000 people per year. And elevators, for the most part, are very safe. Yet the U.S. Bureau …Read More

  • Improper Screening and Hiring of Drivers

     Trucking and transportation companies have a responsibility to employ only qualified and capable truck drivers, and the safety of our transportation system depends on it. Improper screening and hiring of drivers can result in unqualified and unsafe trucks on our roads and highways and dangerous consequences for other motorists.Trucking companies are required …Read More

  • Vehicle Rollover Accident Lawyers

    The results can be deadly when a car accident or truck accident causes a vehicle rollover. When an SUV, small van, or light truck is turned on its top, both the driver and passengers are at serious risk of significant neck and back injuries or even death. Poor design or auto manufacturing …Read More

  • Hotel and Resort Injuries

    Modern hotels and resorts are often fabulous places, with great restaurants, lush pool areas, a variety of physical activities and many other attractions. If you’re visiting one during a vacation or business trip, you probably assume that the property owners have taken great care to ensure the safety of guests. But unexpected …Read More

  • Improper Supervision of Truck Drivers

    Trucking companies and transportation firms are required to make sure truck drivers are properly supervised. This is a safety precaution based on the incredible damage that can be caused by 40-ton tractor-trailers and semi-trucks. Even the slightest driver error can result in serious injuries and death.Proper supervision of truck drivers can help …Read More

  • What To Do in Case of an Accident

    Although the majority of people operate their vehicles safely and responsibly, most drivers will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. At The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, our experienced attorneys know that the actions drivers take immediately after a car accident often can play a …Read More

  • Improper Truck Driver Training

    Trucking and transportation companies are legally obligated to make sure their drivers are thoroughly trained professionals in the safe operation of today’s modern and complicated 18-wheeler commercial trucks. Serious safety problems arise when trucking companies choose profits before safety and fail to hire and properly train professional truck drivers.Among other things, transportation …Read More

  • Inadequate Security

    A man is mugged while standing at a dimly lit ATM outside his bank. A woman is sexually assaulted by an intruder who climbed onto the balcony of her hotel room. A bar patron is attacked by another customer who previously had been ejected from the establishment. All of these are examples …Read More

  • Improper Truck Maintenance

    Commercial trucks can be extremely dangerous on our roads and highways if they are not properly maintained. For semi-trucks and commercial vehicles to be safe, brake systems, tires, and other components must be regularly inspected and undergo routine maintenance. Federal laws strictly regulate the amount of time each day that truck drivers …Read More

  • Restaurant and Bar Injuries

    Like other businesses, restaurants and bars are required to maintain premises that are reasonably safe for customers and other visitors. But restaurants and bars bear an additional responsibility because they provide food and drinks that are consumed by customers. That means they also may be held liable for the actions of those …Read More

  • Overloaded Trucks

    Large trucks pose safety hazards on city streets and rural highways even under the best circumstances. When truck drivers and transportation companies cut corners by overloading 18-wheelers or failing to properly secure loads, these vehicles become dangerous and capable of causing deadly accidents.There are good reasons why federal regulations strictly limit the …Read More

  • Slip and Falls

    Slip-and-fall accidents are probably the most common, and most well-known, type of premises-liability case. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, you know it is no laughing matter. Injuries from slip-and-falls can be serious and life-threatening, ranging from simple sprains or bruises to compound fractures, brain …Read More

  • Supermarket Accidents and Falling Merchandise

    A trip to the neighborhood supermarket or local warehouse store usually is a relatively safe endeavor. After all, retailers have a legal responsibility to keep their stores safe for customers, and most often they do. But occasionally their negligence or carelessness results in serious injury to shoppers.Common supermarket injuries include slip-and-fall accidents …Read More

  • Truck Company Safety Records

    Large commercial tractor-trailer trucks and 18-wheelers require an added level of safety because of the terrible damage they can cause in the event of a vehicle accident. When a serious truck accident occurs, investigators often find that transportation companies have kept poor safety records.In December 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration …Read More

  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming pools have become almost as common as street lights in America. Besides offering a refreshing recreation option, pools provide great aesthetic value and are an attractive drawing card for apartment complexes, hotels and resorts. As a result, the U.S. is home to approximately 9 million pools, hot tubs, and spas, according …Read More

  • Truck Driver Fatigue

    Driver fatigue is a leading cause of 18-wheeler accidents that result in serious injuries and wrongful deaths. Drivers of large commercial tractor-trailers are unable to turn or stop quickly under the best of conditions, yet many commercial truck drivers log too many hours behind the wheel and drive without sufficient rest every …Read More

  • Workplace Injuries

    Each year, more than 4,500 people are killed and more than 3 million are injured while on the job in the United States, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Workplace injuries can occur in virtually any environment, from construction sites to hospitals to office buildings.In Texas, employers that subscribe to …Read More