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Truck Wrecks

Truck Wrecks

Improper Screening and Hiring of Drivers

Truck Accident Attorney - Wrecks Caused by Improperly Screened Drivers


Trucking and transportation companies have a responsibility to employ only qualified and capable truck drivers, and the safety of our transportation system depends on it. Improper screening and hiring of drivers can result in unqualified and unsafe trucks on our roads and highways and dangerous consequences for other motorists.

Trucking companies are required to obey state and federal regulations when hiring and screening drivers. Transportation companies must thoroughly screen drivers for offenses like drunk driving, drug-impaired driving or other convictions. They also must closely monitor drivers who have histories of serious safety violations, such as falling asleep at the wheel.

The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has experience representing individuals who have been injured in truck accidents as a result of improper screening and hiring of drivers. Our experienced legal team works hard to investigate trucking and transportation companies in order to hold them responsible when their hiring and screening practices allow dangerous drivers to get behind the wheel of a 40-ton commercial vehicle.

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