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Dangerous Products

Dangerous Products

Auto Manufacture and Design

Dangerous Products and Product Liability

The companies that make billions in the manufacture and sale of automobiles and auto parts have a responsibility to put only safe and rigorously tested products on the market. Unfortunately, whether because of negligence or greed, poorly made products frequently make it onto our nation’s roadways – often with tragic consequences.

Faulty brakes and other safety systems, poorly constructed auto frames, defective airbags and door latches, and other defective car parts can result in serious injury and death, even when the driver is cautiously obeying all the rules of the road. And when collisions occur, the people involved deserve to be in an automobile that does everything possible to protect them. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Frank L. Branson has decades of experience representing injured victims and their families as they seek compensation from the makers of defective automobiles and automobile parts. Victims may be able to bring a lawsuit against the maker of the automobile, the retail outlet where it was purchased, or the manufacturer or distributor of the defective parts, among others. The firm’s attorneys are leaders in the use of cutting-edge video and multi-media technology to build demonstrative evidence that resonates with juries. This allows jurors to see and hear exactly what happened in an accident involving a defective car or car part.

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