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Drivers the Victims in Two Deadly Truck Accidents

Two truck drivers are now dead from injuries sustained in separate accidents.

One driver, who was not identified in press reports, was driving a dump trucked loaded with brick and rubble in Plymouth, Penn., when his truck overturned and hit a utility pole. According to a report in the (Montgomery County) Times Herald, the driver was “attempting to avoid a merging problem at the intersection of Alan Wood Road when he apparently lost control of the truck and it fell onto its right side. The truck slide along the highway and struck the utility pole.”

In a separate accident in Monroe County, Miss., driver Chad Blankenship died from injuries sustained in a collision on Highway 45 near Okolona, Miss.

Truck accidents claim thousands of lives every year, and many of those victims are truck drivers. While some accidents are the cause of negligence or substance abuse on the part of the driver, many others are caused by improper maintenance, poor training, and sleep deprivation brought on by unreasonable employer demands.

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Whether the cause of the collision is driver fatigueimproper truck maintenance, and/or improper screening, training and supervision of drivers, the Dallas truck accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson have the experience, resources and technical abilities to determine what happened and who should be held responsible.