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On-Board Computer Could Shed Light on Fatal Truck Accident

Police investigating a truck accident in Western Wisconsin that killed the driver and passenger of a semi-truck are hoping that an on-board computer will yield some clues as to why the truck crossed a freeway median and plunged into an icy river.

According to a report in the Pierce County Herald:

State Patrol Lieutenant Jeff Lorentz said several witnesses have called his office to report what they saw. He believes the snowy weather at the time was a factor – but investigators may never know for sure. Medical Examiner Chris Kruse also said both men would have had to find a hole at the surface to get out alive – and it would have been hard to do, considering how dark it was, and how deep the water had been. The crash happened around 3:45 Tuesday morning. Toxicology test results on both victims are due in a few weeks.

Killed in the accident were Batrodin Siyad, 25, and Mohammed Malin, 26, both of Minneapolis. Their rig “plunged 75-feet into the river, crashed through two-feet of ice, and fell another 20-feet underwater,” the newspaper reported.

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