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Repeated Rule-Breakers Target of Proposed New Trucking Regs

The federal government is hoping that a new set of regulations will cut down on fatal truck accidents caused by trucking companies with a history “egregious disregard” for federal safety regulations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed that it be able to suspend or revoke or suspend those carriers’ operating authority registration. According to the agency, a “small number” of motor carriers each year attempt to avoid regulatory compliance or conceal their noncompliance by submitting new applications for registration (often under a different name) to continue operations after being placed out of service. 

Such rule-breaking can have fatal consequences when those unsafe carriers take to the roads, the FMCSA reports. One way to stem the number of unsafe carriers is to create criteria for determining the ownership status of a carrier. One of those is if the new and old companies have equipment, facilities, insurance or customers in common, reports

According to, the proposal would give targeted carriers 30 days to respond to a suspension notice. If the carrier does not respond, the order would take effect on the 35th day. 

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