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Secrets Behind Success: The Texas Lawbook profile highlights Frank and Debbie Branson’s unique business, personal relationship

A recent in-depth profile published by The Texas Lawbook set out to uncover the secrets behind Frank and Debbie Branson’s success in both marriage and business.

The article, “Partners in Life, the Law,” reveals a system that the two acclaimed attorneys developed in their marriage while simultaneously working alongside each other in high-stakes litigation at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson in Dallas. The common themes, the newspaper reports, include mutual respect, a strong work ethic and two strong personalities who have learned to capitalize on each other’s complementary strengths. 

“We enjoy working together,” Debbie tells The Texas Lawbook. “We started out doing what would work for us as lawyers and as a family. We can work together and also pursue separate interests at the same time.”

The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson has grown while the Bransons’ marriage has thrived for more than three decades. The profile story details how the firm established a reputation for large catastrophic injury verdicts and settlements while successfully maintaining its reputation for handling complex business litigation. Recently, Debbie has served in a critically important leadership role as the chair of the Parkland Health & Hospital System Board of Managers.

Just don’t call them a “power couple,” the story continues. 

“If we have any power, it comes from both of us working hard,” Debbie says. “The truth is we have fun, whether we’re working or playing. We’re lucky.”

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