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Continental Airlines Hit with Negligence Lawsuit Over Fiery Denver Crash

HOUSTON – Attorneys with The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson in Dallas have filed a lawsuit against Continental Airlines (NYSE:CAL), charging that the airline’s negligence played a role in a December 2008 plane crash at Denver International Airport that injured 38 passengers.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday on behalf of Houston resident Julie Kuehn stems from the December 20, 2008, crash of Continental Flight 1404 in Denver. The Boeing 737-5000 was taking off en route to Houston when it veered off the runway and crashed into a ravine before breaking apart. With passengers trapped inside, the fuselage caught fire when jet fuel from a ruptured tank ignited.

Ms. Kuehn, 39, was one of 38 passengers hospitalized after the crash. The lawsuit filed in the 80th Judicial District Court of Harris County charges that Continental and pilots David Butler and Chad Levang were negligent and failed to exercise the high degree of care required to safely operate and maintain an aircraft. The pilots and crew also failed to maintain control of the jetliner and take proper evasive action when problems arose, and failed to adequately protect passengers during the evacuation of the plane, according to the complaint.

“Continental Airlines owed a high degree of care to each passenger on this plane to prevent this type of crash from occurring,” says Mr. Branson, lead counsel for Ms. Kuehn.

Ms. Kuehn, who was returning to Houston from a ski trip, was seated on the 17th row of the plane and suffered back injuries during the crash. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for her medical expenses, pain and mental anguish, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment and disfigurement. The lawsuit also seeks exemplary damages against Continental based on the company’s role in the crash.

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