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Debbie Dudley Branson Shares Litigation Insight in Law360’s Plaintiffs Bar Perspective

For its annual Plaintiffs Bar Perspective series, Law360 sought out some of the nation’s top trial lawyers for their insight into how they approach high-stakes plaintiff’s litigation. For the publication’s q-and-a with Debbie Dudley Branson, Law360 notes that Branson is fourth-generation attorney who believes individual lawyers must be positive forces for change while at the same time serving their community. Below are some of Debbie Branson’s answers. You can read the entire article here.

Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of working as a plaintiffs attorney?

A: I’m a proud fourth-generation lawyer having come from a family of lawyers. My dad sat on the Arkansas Supreme Court; my grandfather and great grandfather were lawyers. I married a lawyer and our two children are trained lawyers as well as our son-in-law. So, among all of us, there is a lot of shared legal experience.

We understand the practice of law is a calling worthy of our best efforts. In fact, it’s a privilege. Being a trial lawyer allows you to provide a level playing field in the courtroom for ordinary people. It’s really that simple. Put in the clearest possible terms, we are determined to protect the legal rights of all Americans so that deserving individuals get justice, wrongdoers are held accountable, and insurance companies are required to pay legitimate claims. When that happens, it makes for a good day’s work.

Q: What skill do you feel is most important for achieving success as a plaintiffs attorney?

A: The most important skill as a plaintiffs attorney is listening well. Without it, critical nuances in questions and answers, both in the courtroom and out, can be missed. That small, but all important, piece of information might be the difference between winning and losing the case. In the alternative, it can mean fully understanding all the elements of your client’s injuries and/or damages.