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Police Officer Shot in Active-Shooter Training Accident Files Lawsuit

Law Offices of Frank L. Branson: Officer Lina Mino was shot in the eye, sustained brain damage during training exercise in Tarrant County  

DALLAS – A Sansom Park, Texas, police officer who was shot in the eye and suffered brain damage during an active shooter drill in November 2022 has filed a lawsuit against the company that conducted the exercise and its owner.

In her lawsuit, Officer Lina Mino says Texas Police Trainers, LLC, of Killeen was negligent in that it allowed someone to bring a firearm with live rounds into the training. The filing also names the company’s owner and CEO, Janice M. Washington, as a defendant.

The shooting happened at David K. Sellars Elementary School in Forest Hill, where officers from area police departments had gathered to learn and ready themselves for active-shooter scenarios. Officer Mino was taking part in the training when another law enforcement officer fired his weapon, striking her. As a result, Officer Mino lost her left eye and suffered a brain injury.

“If there is any place where this shooting absolutely should not have happened, it’s in the middle of a training drill run by a company that is supposed to be qualified to teach police officers,” says attorney Frank Branson of Dallas’ The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, who represents Officer Mino. “If anyone should know how to be safe around firearms, it’s them. To think that they allowed a set of circumstances that led to Officer Mino being shot is just astounding.”

Texas Police Trainers touts itself as a “one-stop shop” that helps “ensure (members of) our law enforcement community are highly trained.” According to the company’s website, it continues to offer a variety of law enforcement training courses, including basic and advanced instructor courses, crisis intervention training and crime scene investigation.

The case is Lina Mino vs. Texas Police Trainers, LLC and Janice Washington, Cause No.017-341841-23 in Tarrant County, Texas.

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